OnePlus 6t: First 10 Things To Do

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OnePlus 6t: First 10 Things To Do
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OnePlus has been courageous enough to unravel its two flagship products in a single year & actually it’s a lot for a brand. It can result in a bigger gamble unless the Brand has exceptional confidence over the offering. OnePlus 6t has been scheduled to be available in markets with an initial price range of US$559 to US$629 at & around the first week of November 2018. Also use amazon coupons to get huge discounts on your purchase.

Let us take you through 10 most interesting things to do after unpacking your OnePlus 6t:

Try New Colors This Time:

As such OnePlus 6t will be available in midnight black as well as mirror black. However, consumers have been anticipating the introduction of red & white this time. However there has been no concrete news of the color variants, still, we would want to see a greater spectrum of color variants across this launch. The consumer of today needs access to greater varieties in terms of the appearance of the phones. The brand is expected to follow its tradition of launching some trademark colors across this variant as well.

Axe the jack:

OnePlus dropped the 3.5mm jack for headphone wires from this device. This would encourage the customers to shift towards the latest Bluetooth connected speakers/headphones. It also has a USB-C adapter included in the box for continual use of your wired headphones. This modification gives you access to a device which looks slightly upgraded & unique than other prevailing counterparts across the market. In case you already own a good piece of Bluetooth speaker then there is no challenge. However, not owning one will surely motivate you to upgrade your tech wardrobe.

Leisure of the Notch:

OnePlus has completely embedded notch trend across latest variants. It gives a greater wideness to the screen hence a better view is assured. The user will have the option of hiding the camera cut-out from the screen, which has been quite a lot like a trick. Users not very much used to such display have an option of going back to the notch visibility option for the ease of familiarity. Here the notch has been shrunk for a design namely teardrop. This design enables the user to have a wider screen over top left & a right portion of the screen.

Experiment through the Gesture Control:

Something which OnePlus has aspired from Apple is this feature. Though, it has been made available to users at almost half price than the Apple product. Gesture control setting would help the users to navigate the phone easily using gestures instead of traditional navigation style. It helps a user to navigate between home screen, apps & other screens with easy swipes & taps. One who seeks beyond the experience of conventional smartphone navigation experience will surely be appealed by using this feature.


Toggling With The Alert Slider:

Only OnePlus has offered the master trick of Alert Slider. It’s a handy tool for toggling between phone settings to change modes of the phone rapidly. It has been placed over the right-hand side of the phone for switching between modes for places like movie theatre & a business meeting. The topmost slide would put the phone over do not disturb mode in no time. The mid has been designated to switch for vibration mode. Down most portion has been to move back to normal mode. A user may toggle with this set-up for getting better access & understanding of this feature.

Lock Unlock Using Face Recognition:

OnePlus 6t has offered the trending face unlock feature with an ease. The feature has been impressively speedy in delivering the desired. In case you are cautious enough to use your face or fingerprint for unlocking your phone then this is your product. You may set your desired PIN or pattern as well for the locking mechanism.

Explore Wake Options:

If you wish to get a direct access to your favorite app right after taking your phone in hand, then this is the feature you would love to explore. It saves time & avoids distractions while performing important tasks over the phone. Just lifting the phone can awake the phone. Or for an ease & accuracy of accessing double tap may be used to awake your phone from sleep mode. Settings will take you through the elaborated options for enabling this feature live & use the same to its fullest.

Make Portraits Your Hobby:

OnePlus 6t has many more to offer. Your photography hoppy Can reach to another level with the fantastic camera tricks of this phone. Make optimum use of the portrait effect for creating wonderfully beautiful memories. Various background effects may also be used to accentuate the picture. Even the front camera has various tricks for an effective photography. OnePlus 6t camera tricks can be effectively used to make a professional level portfolio. The camera app will navigate you through various camera effects while using the same.

Pamper The Reader In You:

Oneplus 6t has been equipped with a feature named reading mode. The user can be benefited with the grand size screen for reading every content he wishes to. The reading mode will automatically create an e-reader effect on your screen. Here the screen will shift to the grayscale mode which makes reading a more joyful & less strain-full experience. Till one gets access to any digital book, even accessing your favorite reading applications will give you a better experience while browsing.

It’s a Sturdy Deal:

The handset has been crafted with full robust exterior for a better protection. It has a gorilla glass kitted which makes the screen highly protective in case of an impact. It has also been very finely designed to save the handset from water damage. Its general resistance from water will be sufficient for everyday secure usage. Being an 86% screen to body ratio, such assurance with regards to the life of the glass is a much-welcomed move.

As far as the features of the product are concerned, not much detailed reviews are present for the tech journalists in the market. As soon as the handset will hit the markets reviews will surely have a better & detailed assessment of the features & attributes. Consumers are surely confident of one thing the looking to the branch legacy of OnePlus the 6t will be a promising experience to look forward to

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