Netflix Hacks: The Best Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Streaming

By August 7, 2018 One Comment
Netflix Hacks: The Best Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Streaming
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One of the greatest things about Netflix, other than its extensive library of course, is how user-friendly it is. Using Netflix is as straightforward as it can be, and the constant improvements and updates only make things better.

However, you can enhance your Netflix experience with just a few simple tricks. Some of these you might know about, but many people still don’t realize what Netflix is capable of.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Netflix’s keyboard shortcuts are an excellent way of making the user experience smoother and more convenient. Using them is much more efficient than using your mousepad all the time.  Here are the shortcuts that you should memorize:

  • Play / Pause: Space or Enter
  • Rewind / Fast-Forward: Left and Right arrows
  • Volume Up / Down: Up and Down arrows
  • Mute: M
  • Toggle Full-screen: F
  • Skip Intro: S

Optimize Your Playback Settings

Netflix offers a variety of different playback settings that the user can change to improve their viewing experience, or to optimize their data usage. If you experience a slow or choppy playback, reducing the playback quality can solve the issue. Having lots of devices all connected to a single network at once can cause severe bandwidth issues that could lead to choppy playback.

Similarly, those who are subject to data caps might want to reduce the quality of their videos to reduce the bandwidth usage and its costs.

Use Netflix Codes

Netflix codes are a little-known feature that the streaming giant has implemented recently. Most people have never heard of this feature because it remains hidden from the general view. However, these Netflix codes are an amazingly handy way of finding niche movies or TV shows. All you have to do is edit a few things in the Netflix URL, and you’re good to go. You can find the code list here.

Use Netflix Roulette

Having access to an extensive library of movies and TV shows is what we all love Netflix for, but the one drawback to such an extensive library is that it can become difficult to make a decision. We’ve all been there.

Fortunately, Netflix Roulette is the perfect solution.

The app is a basic one. All you need to do is select a genre and a format (movie or a series) and hit Enter. The Netflix Roulette has become a revered tool in the streaming community. Everyone agrees – it’s a great app that will save you from hours of agonizing over a decision. Also, it serves as a fantastic tool for discovering new movies or TV shows.

Subscribe to /r/NetflixBestOf

Reddit is nothing like other social media sites. It’s a network based on communities of users that congregate in groups known as subreddits. There are subreddits for every subject you can imagine (and many that you wouldn’t believe unless you saw them for yourself) including Netflix. The Netflix Best Of subreddit is likely the best place to go for opinions and recommendations when you aren’t sure what to watch. In fact, the Netflix Roulette was developers by a Reddit user u/codeusasoft.

Make Requests

Many people don’t realize that Netflix offers this service, but any user of the site can request for any particular movie to be added to the library. Needless to say, shows and movies don’t automatically appear because of your single request, but if there are enough queries, Netflix might be convinced to acquire the needed distribution rights.

Customize Subtitles

Everyone knows that Netflix offers subtitles for every movie and TV show on the service. What fewer people realize is that these subtitles can be customized. In the Netflix settings menu, you can alter the appearance of captions to your liking. Playing with the different designs can be fun, and you might discover a format that fits all your needs.

Download Movies or TV Shows for Offline Viewing

Wouldn’t it be great if you could watch your favorite Netflix content on the go? Sure, you can stream on your smartphone, but you’ll likely rack up a massive cellular data bill! Fortunately, you the Netflix mobile app allows users to download content and store it for offline viewing. Note that it’s only mobile devices that support this feature right now.

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