Top 10 Alternatives to Kickass Torrents {} 2018

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Top 10 Alternatives to Kickass Torrents {} 2018
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If you are an internet geek and use torrent, Then you may know that the owner of  Kat Torrents arrested. And the site( has been taken down by FBI And DMCA. It was the most popular site to share files via peer-to-peer.

So, What Now? The Main source to download torrent files is gone now. So, now everyone needs alternatives to the kickass torrent.

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So, Here in this article. I am going to solve the problem. So you can download your favorite files from the torrent. I am going to mention alternatives. Visit DealsLoots For More Latest Offer

Kickass Torrent

Yes, I am not crazy, If you love Kickass Torrent. Then you will be happy to hear that Kat is back. This alternative has all the data from the old site. The only thing that changed is the domain. The site managed and developed by the original creators of Kickass. So, Don’t worry about any other issues.

The site has the same design, and many former members of the original site are uploaders here too.



You can access this kat alternative by going to this domain This domain came up after the takedown of But don’t worry the new site has the same layout. And the website includes the massive catalog of movies, songs, videos, E-Book and all.

Kickass Alternatives Working In 2018-2019

I have analyzed thousands of sites to make a list. I have created this list based on its popularity, number of visitors, the collection of files and many more.


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U.S Government And FBI banned,, kastatic, kat.cand much more due to copyright infringement.

Please Comment Below If I have missed something Or if you have any question.



1. The Pirate Bay – Torrent Giant

After, the shutdown of kat ph. The Pirate Bay(TPB) became the official website to download torrent files. It is one of the oldest torrent sites. The site has completed. It’s 14th anniversary in 2017. The Website started in September 2017.


TPB also faced much copyright problems. But they handled them smartly. In 2009 the owner was found guilty. He was sentenced to serve one year in jail. This kat alternative is available in 35 different languages.

The site domain was changed the time to time to protect from copyright takedown. Currently, according to Alexa TPB ranking is 87. This Site uses HDRA Network System(Helps To Run Single Website From Different domains).

The only problem with this site is sticky ads. Sometimes it became annoying while surfing the site. But Overall I prefer this site to download any torrent files.

2.RuTracker ( Russian Torrent Site)

This website was started one year after the launch of TPB. The website was started as the Private community. Users have to register on the site and pay some sum to download files.

kat ph

But after some time the site faced the copyright issues. And they have two options

1. Collaboration with copyright owners.

2. Close The Site.

But the owner came up with a unique idea. And The Owner Made the Site public. The idea makes this site a better Alternative for Kickass. The Only con of the website is language. It is available in the Russian language. But thanks to google translator. You can translate the whole site into google chrome browser.

One Of the Best features of this site is one of the google extension:


This Extension allows us to get information about the torrent file while searching which saves a lot of time. You can directly install this extension from chrome web store.

It has 7-8 million visitors per month. So this is a perfect alternative. This site has some mirror URLs too. So if any of the URLs are not working, then you can use the alternative URL. You Can download a .torrent file, or you can also get the magnet link to download your torrent file.

You have to signup on Rutracker to download the torrent file. But it is a very easy process. After You sign-up, you can also perform advanced-search too.

3. Limetorrent (Torrent sites network)

Unlike most of the torrent sites. Limetorrent is Unique and exciting. Limetorrent is not a torrenting site. It is like torrent directories which searches your torrent file on different torrent platforms. So, It is like Google for Torrent files.


This website has no adult content. So it is safe for children too. The Only con limetorrent is they don’t have any community. Thus, there is no chance of improvements on the site.

Please Use Adblocker And Beaware of Pop-ups and Ads On this site.
When I visted the site. It was trying to download Some Executable file.


After, The takedown of the Kickass Torrent. Extratorrent satisfied the users who are searching an alternative option for kat ph. It satisfied both uploaders as well as the downloaders.


ExtraTorrent Is a Very Good Site and Now It is filling the place of kat and performing well. This Site is available in different languages. So, It’s user is from all over the world and you can find movies from different countries easily.

The site is well categorized. Unlike other torrenting sites, the administrators have categorized every torrent very well. If you cannot remember the exact name of the file, you want. You can check it’s categories and sub-categories.

The admins of Extratorrent challenges that they have the most extensive collection of torrent sites. And I think he is telling the truth.

5. Demonoid

In starting, Like Rutracker, Demonoid was a private torrent downloading site. But it faced the same fate as Rutracker. Demonoid was shut down due to copyright claims. But Demonoid returned, and the admins made the site public.

kat.cr110% has increased its Popularity after the takedown of So, Yes it is also a perfect alternative. You can also signup and request your files here. But there is no need for registration to download torrent Files.

Demonoid does not have a better collection of files. But they have an excellent selection of software. So, If you want to download any software, then search on this site. I am sure you will find it.

KatCache( Backup of Kickass Torrent)

Still, If you Want Kat to download torrent files. Then this project will help you out.

kickass download

Before the Takedown of Kickass. The Owner managed to backup the site. So, they started caching their torrent files. And the idea proved to be very good.  All the kickass .torrent files are available here.

Artem Vaulin

USA Police arrested Artem Vaulin(the owner of Kickass torrents) with the help of Polish government and police.

KAT Was The Largest Torrent Sharing Site In The Entire World. About 50 million users visited the site every month. The Earning Of Kickass Revenue Was About $12 million to $ 22 million.

Artem Vaulin Was Sent To Jail By The Complaint by Digital Millennium Copyright Act ( DMCA ). He Was Accused To Help In The Distribution Of Copyrighted Content Worth $1 billion.


There Are still many ways to access kickass. But some of them are against the law. So be careful, while visiting any site. I am Listing Some Of The Mirror sites below. You can check them out:

The Proxy Servers As It Is Still Accessible:


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