How to fix windows 10 Bluetooth Problems
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A large number of devices connect to each other through Bluetooth and it is highly likely that you may come across connection problems. Though it is very easy to fix problems, it is necessary to be aware of how you go about fixing those problems. It is not necessary to have expert technical knowledge about Bluetooth devices or any operating system.  You only need to be aware of basic configuration and menus to tackle your connection problems.  Listed below are a few methods of sorting out connection issues on your windows 10 device.


Disabling and enabling the device to get it working


It is possible that your system does not display the bluetooth icon, requiring you to fix windows 10 bluetooth problems. This can be sorted out by disabling and then enabling the driver for the icon to be displayed. You first need to right click on the windows start menu which will give you a list of options. Choose device manager by double clicking on it twice. A list of all the devices on your system will be populated on the screen. Choose the bluetooth device that is listed and right click on it. Select the ‘disable driver’ option, follow the instructions prompted. Shortly thereafter, you need to again right click on the bluetooth device and select ‘enable driver’ option. Once that is done you will be able to see your bluetooth icon on the settings menu.


Reinstalling bluetooth driver


In the event that the above disable and enable option does not work out, you will have to download and reinstall the bluetooth driver for it to work. This can be achieved easily with an internet connection. Browse for the manufacturer’s website where you will find a list of all the drivers for devices. Choose the appropriate driver and select the download option. After it has been downloaded double click on the file to install it into your system. Follow the instructions that are prompted, turn off and turn on the system again for the updated settings to work.


Configuring the bluetooth to work automatically


The configuration of bluetooth devices may have changed due to one of many reasons. You need to change it to automatic mode for it to work all the time. To do this open the windows command box by holding down the ‘windows button” and “r” together. In the comment box type out “services.msc” without the apostrophe marks. Navigate to the bluetooth support services section and right click on it. On the menu that drops down, click on start or restart. After this, right click the services section again. On the menu that drops down, click on ‘properties’. By clicking on properties you will find a list of options, including a “startup type’ tab. In this tab click on ‘automatic’, followed by apply and then the ok button. Effectively what you are doing here is changing the properties of the bluetooth to start up automatically every time you turn on your system.


Sending and receiving files on bluetooth


Bluetooth connectivity is basically used to send and receive files and play audio. In the event that you are unable to send and receive files through bluetooth connection despite having a paired connection, it is possible to do the same easily. At the bottom of the settings menu that displays the list of devices that are connected to your system, you will have two options – send files and receive files. You can use these two options to send as well as receive files to and from your system. This option can be used to send and receive files when normal options of clicking on the file and sending it through bluetooth do not work.


A lot of devices that are connected to systems via bluetooth maybe generic bluetooth adaptors. It is therefore important to update the generic bluetooth adaptor whenever you encounter a problem in pairing or seeing your bluetooth device after startup. When you choose to update or reinstall drivers for bluetooth devices, you need to ensure that you are downloading the right file. This is basically to save time as a wrong file will definitely not work with your device. Installations of incorrect files will only take additional space and cause confusion.

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