How To Fix Blue Screen Dpc Watchdog Violation Error In Windows 8,10

By April 22, 2018 14 Comments
How To Fix Blue Screen Dpc Watchdog Violation Error In Windows 8,10
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Hello Folks, In this article am going to tell you ‘How To Fix Blue Screen DPC Watchdog Violation Error In Windows 10’. This error is so annoying.

What Is DPC Watchdog Violation

DPC refers to deferred procedure call & Watchdog stands for the bug checker and it’s a common issue generally facing in windows operating system due to some specific factors like an SSD drive that was found to be incompatible, unsupported SSD firmware, aged SSD driver model, hardware incompatibility problems, or system files are damaged or mismatched with your Windows 8 & 10. & another cause of the error is your Computer drivers are outdated.

According to some users, this problem appeared to them when they insert their headphone jack on their laptop. The blue screen appeared with DPC Watchdog Violation Blue Screen of Death error. This problem may have occurred because their sound card driver version is not up to date and doesn’t help their Windows version. Another explanation to this problem is that,  maybe these software installations that directly affect the system’s software. They usually lead to damaged program file as well as the blue screen problem appears. Check solutions mentioned below to fix DPC Watchdog Violation Windows 10 error.

Methods To Solve DPC Watchdog Violation

Method 1st- Update All Available Drivers

1) First Of All, Download  Driver Easy Software.

2) After Installation, Open easy driver software and then press the Scan Now button.

driver easy software working


3) It will automatically scan all of your driver which is not compatible with your windows system. In case if it is found any problem in your drivers then just press the Update All button.



4) That’s all, It will automatically be fixed the problem of your drive, and it will install the correct version of the drivers that are created the problem.

Method 2nd-  Turning Off Fast Startup

1) First Of All, Click on start button & Then open control panel -> power options.

2) On the left-hand side of the control panel, Click on Choose what the power button does.



3) After that, click on change settings that are currently unavailable.



4) Now scroll down until you get Turn on fast startup, & then unticked that option & Press Save changes button.



5) That’s all; It will automatically fix the DPC-watchdog-violation error.

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Method 3rd- Perform a disk check

1) First Of All, You have to Press the Windows logo key on your keyboard & Then write cmd in the search box. On the command prompt option, just press right-and then click on Run as administrator option.



2) After clicking on Run as administrator option, A permission box will appear on your screen and click on yes button to go ahead.



3) Now Type Chkdsk /f /r, & then hit Enter button on the keyboard.  



4) Now again hit ‘Y’ key on the keyboard.



NOTE: The CHKDSK command will start your booting process in your operating system & it will take time for a day to complete the process.


1) First Of All, Simply Press the Windows logo key on your keyboard & Open run and type in msconfig.”

2) After that click on the boot tab and then select “Safe Boot, Network” click OK.



3) Now select “Restart Option,” Now you are in Safe Mode.

4) Goto the device manager and then search and extract the adapters from the display.

5) Do right click on the display adapter & then click on uninstall option.

6) Now proceed to confirm to delete the driver and restart your computer system.



7) That’s it this will help you to solve DPC Watchdog Violation error.


We hope that our guide on How to Fix DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION BlueScreen of Death Windows, DPC Watchdog Violation Windows 10 Nvidia and DPC Watchdog Error will help you to solve the problem. But still, if you are suffering from this problem, then comment below. We will try to help you out.

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